We’re not the only people taking advantage of the creative possibilities granted by the age that we live in. If you like what we do then you should also visit:

Third Productions

The best people ever. Their micro-budget web saga “Lucidity” is an astonishing achievement. Go to their site to be inspired.

Owen’s Videos

Minimal, inventive, and dry as a bone. Owen’s videos are a testament to the endless creative possibilities offered by one’s immediate environment. His humorously deep and somnolent voiceover is a truly inspired creation.

Next to Heaven

Rob Parrish downloads all sorts of stock footage from and re-cuts it and overdubs his own voiceovers with sublime results. Season 2 also features live action footage. There are 104 episodes so you’d better get busy.

Michael Henry

This person has made three (nearly four) feature films, in as many years, with no funding whatsoever. Enough said.

366 Weird Movies

An ever-growing catalogue of the weirdest movies ever committed to celluloid. Each week a couple more films are granted the ultimate accolade of being “Certified Weird” and are added to the illustrious list, complete with a beautifully written and often highly insightful write-up from one of the site’s contributors. An invaluable resource.

Outsider’s Eye

A small shard of our soul that sadly broke away.



We’re from Birmingham by the way. So are these people:

Lizzy Piffany

Lizzy Piffany makes “Moseley Folk Films”, a sort of diary style of filmmaking, capturing her day-to-day experiences and her ongoing search for the “unus mundus”. “I feel compelled to document what honest beauty remains in the humanity around me before the march of the consumer drones overtakes us completely and forces us to disperse.”


“KINO 10 is a peripatetic moving image exhibition project, showcasing the best in short film from around the globe. A firm believer in cinematic showmanship and building an event around film exhibition, KINO 10 strives to create a unique atmosphere and an alternative filmic experience through specially-curated programming and screening in unusual places.”

7 Inch Cinema

“Birmingham-based cultural historians, purveyors of distinctive film events and producers of the Flatpack Festival.”


No one plays funked-up, jazz-spazzical, metal-flavoured eclecticore quite like Meatfeast.

Peter Tinkler

Peter Tinkler was born in the Rep. of Ireland, in a town you have probably never heard of. Somehow he ended up in Birmingham where he spends his time painting extraordinary paintings of things like tigers floating in a circle and eating each other, and a man painting with his guts. Literally.