The John Major Sandwich and more

July 2012

Woops we haven’t updated in over two months. To everyone who’s been desperately visiting this page day after day, hoping against hope that we will have added new stuff, we apologise. We’re just horribly disorganised that’s all. In an ideal world we’d be a tight-knit, hyper-organised collective of radical artists, dedicating every waking (and sleeping) hour to creating consciousness-expanding audio-visual wonders, and maximising our global presence in order to bring about a mass awakening of humanity. But this isn’t an ideal world. And we’re basically just a bunch of bums. So you’ll just have to be patient with us.

Our one major (pun intended) development is a new page dedicated to former Prime Minister John Major, featuring the Back to Basics films and a new film called “The John Major Trail” which was written and conceived by Dominic Martin. We hope that this marks the beginning of a new level of creative input from Mr. Martin, as he certainly has a lot to offer.

We also have a new film called “Grow” which was made for the IdeasTap brief with the theme of “Grow”. We were hoping to announce this film in a shower of glory having won the brief, but for some inconceivable reason we didn’t win. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to watch it. It’s rather more minimalist than anything we’ve done before and it features Nick Smith doing his thing.

We’ve begun shooting the film about the misery, alienation, and despair of being an unemployed graduate but progress is likely to be slow because we don’t all live in the same city. The poem film is coming along nicely and should be with you before too long. Oh and we’ve made no progress whatsoever with getting the 120 Days of Sodom audiobook online so all you sadists out there will just have to wait.


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