Awful Funny

Made as part of the Five Stories High event for the Flatpack Festival 2012. We were given less than a week to throw something together and this was the result.

“With your help we’re aiming to recreate the entire plot of Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, through the medium of song, performance, film, illustration and literature (and probably a few others). Each participant will be allocated a slice of the Charles Foster Kane saga (around 6.5% of it), and will then have to work out an interesting way of telling it.”

Our part was the opera house section from 01:21:41 to 01:34:15.

2 Responses to “Awful Funny”

  1. Julia Crathorn says:

    How did you get on at the Flatpack Festival?
    I thought you contribution was good and I hope others did too
    Do you ever get women to dress up as men or is it always unwilling men being asked to be women?

    • Deadly Serious says:

      Hi Julia, thanks for your kind words. The film went down very well at Flatpack and the organiser even said that we “saved the night tonally” – there were rather a lot of po-faced entries you see so I guess we provided some light relief.
      If you watch the film again you will see that there is in fact a woman who is playing the part of a man. She plays the piano instructor who shouts “No! No! No! etc.” just before Susan/Dom’s big performance.

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