Uni Stuff

Between October of 2006 and June of 2009 we did Media Studies at Demontfort University in Leicester. We’ve had a look back at our creations from that period and anything that made it past the cringe test has been retroactively added to the Deadly Serious canon. It’s a mixed bag but we feel that everything here helped to shape us in some way.

The Lone LARPer

Elderhorn Jeffbeard loves LARPing (live action role play), but unfortunately he has no one to LARP with. Made by Paul Sayers for his final year video project.


Morris Irvine: Beyond the Infinite

Radical student filmmaker Morris Irvine attempts to create his magnum opus – a philosophical science-ficiton thriller┬ácalled Cosmosis (available in its entirety below). Made by Andy Howlett for his final year video project.


Magical Moments

During our three years at Demontfort University we amassed a vast quantity of mini DV tapes containing hours upon hours of raw footage, much of it never before seen by a living soul. Trawling through this collection of outtakes, improvisations, behind-the-scenes frivolity, stoned ramblings, scenes for films that never got made, scenes for films that should never have got made but did, and just general lunacy – it seemed a shame to let it all go to waste, so we edited the best bits together and this film was half of the result.


Forgotten Voyages

The same as the description for the above film, but applied to this one.


Gimp Advert

A gimp makes a bid to escape his life of sexual enslavement in this PS3 advert. Made as part of our second year advert project.


The Day the World Turned Day-Glo

A meditation on the nature of consumer capitalism. A second year non-narrative project made with Helen Thomas, Tyler Sox, and Matt “Jeff” Horn.



An intimate insight into the beliefs and practices of anarcho-primitivist Gandy. Made in our second year for a documentary project.


Morris Irvine’s PSYCHE PROBE

Radical student filmmaker Morris Irvine presents his first true masterpiece: a philosophical, metaphysical thriller/psychological portrait called PSYCHE PROBE.


Gandy the Second

Anarcho-primitivist Gandy has given up the use of language (sort of), and intends to bring about a pedestrian revolution as part of his vision to re-wild the planet. Made in our second year just for the hell of it.


Think Advert

A second year project to promote road safety. Made with Helen Thomas, Tyler Sox, and Matt “Jeff” Horn.



Two unrelated films stuck together for no apparent reason. The first is another instalment in the Gandy series, notable for featuring our first use of human faeces in a film. The second is another offering from groundbreaking student filmmaker Morris Irvine: a probing psychological portrait of an immensely powerful mind, (and disability awareness video) called PARALYSIS OF THE MIND.


Morris Irvine’s COSMOSIS

“It is tempting, and not unjustified, to speculate that one reason for Morris Irvine’s growing visibility and popularity is that, as a culture, we have now finally caught up with works that once seemed like dispatches from another planet.” – Roger Ebert